All our courses are a maximum of 2:1 student to instructor ratio.
All bikes are maintained to the highest standards and are replaced every two years.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Mandatory training which must be successfully completed by any person wishing to ride a motorcycle and most people who wish to ride a moped/50cc scooter.

CBT takes the form of five training elements ranging from what to wear, to riding on the road. CBT does NOT have a time limit but you should allow a full day to complete the training.

You do not pass or fail the CBT course - it is a continuous assessment programme. If it takes longer than a day then that's no problem - we will not charge you for returning to finish off your CBT unlike many other training schools!

The price includes the loan of the Motorcycle/Scooter and ALL safety equipment.

Remember: This is your introduction to Motorcycling so don't pick a CBT on price, if possible ask someone who has taken a CBT with the training provider to make sure you're getting a great start to you biking career!

Price £125

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Payment Methods

And Cash Of Course!

All Courses Include

  • Motorcycle
  • ALL appropriate safety equipment
  • ALL test fees, Theory and Practical
  • Theory test CD-ROM or DVD


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