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Rider Training - Our Business

group1.jpgRider Training was established in the 90's with the sole aim of providing the highest quality of rider training. We do NOT do any other form of training but are dedicated solely to rider training. We do NOT teach car or HGV driving. We do NOT sell bikes. We do NOT sell clothing or accessories. We will never train you out of the back of a van.

We have a brand new single site purpose built for training which includes some of the best facilities in the UK. We are located right on the edge of Brackley so your first road ride will straight away; without having to travel miles, be around some lovely quiet estate roads. Brackley is a superb town to train in as its large enough to give you all the hazards you will need to negotiate but also; unlike say Banbury, it’s small enough not to be intimidating.

bikeLine.jpgWe pride ourselves on our standards of training whilst at the same time offering unbeatable value for money. Our success rate is one of the best and we aim to keep it that way so we do apologise if the waiting time particularly in summer is too long for you to wait - BOOK EARLY!!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions -  07770 608199 or 01280 70 60 17