Enhanced Rider Scheme

All the instructors at Rider Training are ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme) qualified

This scheme which has full Government backing and is regulated by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) looks to help riders gain further skills once thay have passed their test.

The scheme is linked to all the leading UK insurers all of whom are offering various discounts for customers who take the ERS.

The course starts with an informal chat and an observed ride so that the instructor can look at the current standard of riding and make observations as to how your riding could be improved. You would then agree an action plan with your instructor to cover the points you've both agreed on and then lessons are planned accordingly.

If you wish to book then please phone or email.

Price £125 per day

This is what the DSA say about the Enhanced Rider Scheme:

Every now and again, a motorcycle rider has one of those special days; a day when the bike is clean, the tank is full, the weather is perfect and the route is planned.

...And as you settle into your rideout, you enter ‘The Zone’; a placewhere absolutely nothing else is on your mind, you are using the right gears, revs and braking points withtotal focus and few adjustments...

...You get every line right through the corners, see every hazard early and deal with them safely. For a while, you sense that your bike is enjoying the ride as much as you are and today is a great day. 

If you have a full motorcycle licence, you know how to ride; but there is so much more to know:

  • How well do you understand your bikes’ capabilities?
  • Would you like to develop specific skills?
  • Build your confidence?
  • Be smoother?
  • Elevate your awareness and enhance the experience?

The Enhanced Rider Scheme offers all of this and more . . . and fun

The Enhanced Rider Scheme offers you a tailor-made route to continuous self improvement, by working closely with a Driving Standards Agency approved instructor. Their goal will be to help you build on your strengths and hone your skills on the road, so that you get even more from your riding.

Make contact, discuss your personal goals and book a session. There is no test – but you will start with an on-road assessment. If you already meet the standard for the Enhanced Rider Scheme, you are ‘good to go’ and will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement.

Alternatively, your instructor will work with you to identify and achieve your goals. The focus will be on you and what you need to get out of the scheme. Together, you can even create a very specific plan to improve, for example, your cornering, filtering, throttle control or positioning.

You can be confident that every session will be realistic but challenging, focussed but enjoyable and ultimately rewarding, with identifiable results.