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Went from no motorcycle experience to getting my A2 licence. Passed y mod 2 first time thanks to expert teaching ;-) Really enjoyed myself doing it. I'd advise anyone who isn't 100% sure about biking to do the CBT, or just to it as an experience day. You'll get a really good taste of what it's about. Simon and Steve were great. And had a good laugh with the other guys and gals doing their training too, 10/10. James
James Holland
A2 Licence Direct Access
July 2015
Thanks to ridertraining for helping me get my A2 license. I would recommend this friendly and professional training centre to anyone interested in getting their license too. Thanks Simon!
Adam Fields
A2 License
October 2014
Great experience loved every minute of it! Thank you so much Simon for teaching me, AMAZING teacher, great friendly, patient! Best training centre around! :)
Adam Brooke
October 2023
I took the 5 day Direct Access course with Rider Training. I only had a small amount of experience, but with Simon's help I completed the theory, CBT, MOD 1 and 2 all first time. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting to get their bike licence.
Martin Smith
September 2014
I initially went with Rider Training purely based on a Groupon offer but the CBT experience with PJ was enough to persuade me that they were the guys to do my Direct Access course with. There are plenty of schools closer but the travelling was well worth it. I received brilliant training from Simon, who is very patient and easy going. It doesn't feel like training, the course is engaging and fun. You get lots of encouragement and there's no pressure, which really helps with being able to just get on and learn. The days are long enough to get plenty of practice but not so long that you can't wait to get off the bike. The facilities available are brilliant, a very comfortable place to rest between practicing and the bikes are brilliant, to the point where that model is now on my shortlist. I've already recommended Rider Training to my friends wanting to learn and I don't think anyone would be disappointed with the course.
Sam Drew
Thank you so much for a cracking day... I wasn't looking forward to it as i had taken a cbt 2 years ago....It has been a long day but it has been filled with laughs whilst learning.... PJ is a top bloke with a good sense of humor, firm but fare.... Would recommend anyone to ridertraining...Thank you again........
Rachell Spandler-Parsons
September 2014
Great training school, I\'m recommending them to everyone.
Peter Worley
August 2014
What a great structured direct access training program, delivered in a relaxed and fun manner. Simon really knows how to build confidence and fully prepare you for the Mod 1 & 2 tests. I can't recommend him enough and look forward to participating in the enhanced rider training in the near future. Thanks again.
Mark Maxwell
There is a great team at ridertraining who encourage you the whole way along the journey to passing your test. The bikes and equipment is excellent as are all the other facilities. I would highly recommend Simon and his team to anyone thinking about taking either their CBT or Direct Access.
Andy W
July 2014
Having only ridden a 125 once, for a day, five years ago, gaining my full category A in a week was quite a challenge! PJ got me through my CBT and Simon got me through the rest of my DAS. The instruction was everything it needed to be and more - I feel safe and confident, and had a good laugh getting here! I will be returning for the Enhanced Rider Scheme and would not hesitate to recommend Rider Training to anyone looking to gain their CBT or full licence. Worth every penny.
Mike Ward
July 2014
The last time i took a right hand corner at speed was on a 250 Kawasaki triple back in 1980 and in fact i didn\\\'t make it round . A broken thigh, collarbone and left rist was the result so you can imagine what was going through my mind when i swung my leg over a 600cc yamaha on the day of my test last week!__ leading up to this I clearly needed some coaching and through Steve (laid back and cool ) with whom i did my CBT and PJ ( an expert in anglo saxon and someone who really tells it like it is) i ended up with Simon, the business owner who was somewhere between the two, laid back, humerous but encouraging who saw me through mod one and two and instilled the confidence in me to make it work up to the test and pass.__i really cannot thank the guys enough, top blokes, top training and whats really important great fun. If you wanna pass go with these guys - they will see you right see you safe and you will be smiling on the way home. Result!!
Paul Howkins
Recollections from the day of my final practical test
June 2014
A friendly, informative and relaxed environment to learn in. PJ got me through my CBT and we had a great laugh doing it. Then Simon took me onboard to get me ready for MOD1 and MOD2,he was as enthusiastic as me and I've only just started! I felt confident in going to my tests, and I passed both first time, perfect time for the summer! Thank you once again to everyone at Rider Training... I will be back for some advanced training later this year!! You cant go wrong with Rider Training :-) Graham
Graham Martin
Thank you Rider Training!
June 2014
I want to say thank you to all who trained me, PJ breaks you down on the CBT. Then you meet Simon and he builds you up again. Great confidence booster and amazing guys all round highly recommended
Danny Gurney
May 2014
Dear Simon, I would like to say thank you for your recent training course, which was professional and intensive but with a organised ease of training. I am very satisfied and went on to get the result that in wanted. I will in the future pass on your and recommend your company details to anyone who wants to ride. I wish your and your colleges the very best in the future. Regards Pete Benfield
Pete Benfield
Great instructors , I would recommend the course to anyone . Thanks for getting me through the test .
Andrew Millard
April 2024
Always wanted a chance to leave some feedback on CBT training from you guys , I was very impressed and the instructors were great. Plus go it on a group on for nearly half price , smiles all around.
Harry Grimshaw
Done my CBT with you guys.
October 2013
I went in with the attitude of now or never and booked a direct access straight away with little to no experience on a bike. First three days were with PJ and Steve, Nice blokes, good laugh, patient and honest. Tuition was excellent and no question was too stupid (trust me I asked a few). Simon took me for the rest of the course, he had a very relaxed manner and good sense of humour. I would strongly recommend coming here to do it
Tristan Morris
April 2014
Fantastic training given by both instructors simon and Pj very confident and help you relax, highly recommended couldn't get any better I believe! Thank you again simon and Pj
Martin wolfenden
April 2014
Arrived at rider training with no experience for a cbt course in March which was taken by pj, he was incredibly patient and made the whole experience really enjoyable so much so I booked my direct access course on the day.____My direct access course was taken by Simon, again he was very patient with me and filled me with confidence making the transition from 125 to a 600 a breeze.__I loved every second of my time with rider training and Cannot recommend them enough!
Graham Wyatt
I'll be unusually short - best trainer with best humour and attitude, best bikes, best weather :), best training format, best trainer's relation with examiner. It is also unusual for me to leave a 100% positive feedback. Would always recommend.
Laurynas Poznanskas
Hugely positive feedback
April 2014
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