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Thanks to rider training for getting me through my tests!! Very friendly and helpful!!
Kriss Hardman
July 2013
Just wanted to thank both Simon & Steve for the excellent tuition i recieved during my training. What initially seemed a big hurdle was made very simple. Made good fun but totally professional when it counts. If you want an excellent chance of passing your test look no further and ring Simon they truely an A1 team who want you to suceed folks. Thanks again guys happy bikeing. Matt
Matt Kelly
mode two test
July 2029
Big thanks to Steve. As a complete novice rider Steve perfected the balance between encouragement & practical advice to enable me to complete the CBT today. I shall be back for the 'real test' sometime within the next 2 years & highly recommend anyone to use these guys for all levels of biker training. Thank you Steve, you made an old girl very happy!
Cathryn Money
July 2006
What a team! From start to finish, the support and training from Simon and Steve was fantastic and the success rate is proof enough. Many thanks for helping me achieve my goal and see you in a couple of months for some advanced training. Cheers guys.
Mark Hopkins
June 2013
A big thank you to Steve and Simon for all your help and amazing training, having not ridden a bike for 26 years you got me through both my Mod 1 & 2 tests with no minors in just 5 days. See you all soon, Liam
Liam Kiely
Thank You
June 2013
I can\'t recommend rider training enough. I was a complete novice and had never even sat on a bike before let alone ridden one. With Steve and Simons excellent tuition it wasn\'t long before I walked away with my full motorcycle licence! The equipment and bikes are all very good and the whole team work well together to make the learning experience a pleasure. Thanks again Steve and Simon.
Jon green
Huge thanks to Simon and Steve for helping me get through my DAS mod 1 and 2 tests both first time! These guys really know their stuff and have the patience of saints. The training was very professional yet fun and relaxed. The bikes were great too. Seriously can't recommend them enough!! Thanks again guys can't wait to pop down for a coffee on my bike
Phil Walsh
June 2013
Massive thanks to Simon and Steve for getting through my mod 1 and 2 tests first time. These guys really know their stuff and have the patience of saints. The bikes are great too!! Hope to see you all soon for a coffee and to show off my new bike
Phil Walsh
June 2013
I did my 5 day, direct access course with Rider Training. I live in London but chose them because of their good reputation and high spec. bikes and equipment on offer. I've had a little riding experience since doing mx when I was 14 (a long time ago) but the team at Rider Training were excellent, they were patient throughout the training and provided quality tuition and most importantly for me always put safety-first.
Ben Stallwood
Excellent training and equipment- definitely reccomended
May 2013
I'd never ridden or driven before visiting Rider Training so I was apprensive at first but I needn't have been. The guys are great teachers and do a good job of building up your confidence at a safe pace. Some things didn't come naturally to me but they were patient and supportive and quickly got me up to test standard! I'm not not phased by riding alone and will shortly be getting my first bike. Thank you so much!
May 2013
Would like to say a huge thank you to Steve and Simon for helping me to get through my direct access. Having only done an hour get on over a year ago I passed my Mod 2 today, have been on a high all day. You guys have the patience of saints and Steve I owe you a large caramel latte :-). Thanks again guys.
May 2013
All I can say is these guys are genuinely the nicest guys you can come across. The training style is relaxed and efficient. I went into my test days relaxed and feeling fully prepared. Thank you guys, you are top on my recommendation list!
James Allen
May 2002
The guys at rider training were great! Steve did my Pr. Training which he always joked and laughed even,if it took me a couple of attempts! Simon helped polish everything up and kept motivating me through! These guys are defo the ones to go with. Cheers again Rider trainin. Will pop by soon to show off my bike.
I had some excellent training from both Simon and Steve even though the weather stopped play for one of the training days. I felt more than ready for each element of the DAS course after going through it with the instructors. My first time pass is testament to their expertise at getting the required information across whilst keeping a relaxed atmosphere at all times. Thanks ridertraining for some great tuition and getting me through my test.
Paul Fullalove
March 2027
I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Steve & Simon. After popping over to Brackley for a "get on" session in October, I decided to go ahead with my DAS. CBT in the sleet & snow, mod 1 third time lucky (stupid foot) in sub zero temps, then breezed through my mod 2 today!! Looking forward to popping over for a cuppa on my bike soon! Fantastic service, friendly bunch! Thanks again Kel x
Kelly Swain
March 2013
Simon and Steve got me through my training on some cold and wet days in February. I feel if I can learn to ride in conditions like this, I will be a fully-fledged All Weather Rider. Steve was very professional and patient when teaching the MOD1 manoeuvres. Always giving encouragement and thorough commentary in the ear piece. Top bloke! Simon took me on some really enjoyable rides around Banbury before my MOD2 test. Again, thorough commentary and clear direction. I never felt uncomfortable out on the road under his guidance. We stopped for a coffee and a chat. All in all a really pleasurable learning experience. It made the MOD2 test a pretty simple procedure. Way less daunting than you think. I’ll certainly be popping in to see them if I’m riding past! If you’re thinking about learning to ride, do it here. Thanks guys Mark
Mark Webster
March 2013
Had cbt with pj today. Good instructor great facilities and well worth going to do your bike test. Thank you very much for the pass too
Peter hetherington
Cbt test
February 2013
Ok, this has taken me far too long to get around to doing but dont let that put anyone off! (sorry Simon!) My first experience with a motorbike was via a 'get on' exercise in mid 2012. This is a free short taster session to speak to a well experienced and rounded (in more ways than one -> PJ ha ha) professional to get to know bikes a little better (or at all in my case) and have a little go. I was so impressed with PJ's people skills (easily offended people need not apply ;) ), banter but most of all passion with the motorcycle industry that the fire for my own passion started to grow. Within 2 weeks I had signed up and committed to do all the lessons required and was gunning for my full licence. With the aid and abuse of PJ and Steve, I soon settled into their 'teaching' style and before I knew it I was on a Yamaha 125 and felt like Arney in Terminator 2. The weeks passed quickly and each box of qualifications were getting ticked. I can honestly say that I cant imagine that any other biking instructor company would be able to give me the confidence and passion inspired from all the guys (Simon, PJ and Steve). Not only is Rider Training complete with the best instructors but ive been connected to some truly great guys and friends. I will be visiting the guys to throw some much earned abuse back on a regular basis on my beautiful bike and admire the forthcoming motorcyclists that have to put up with them! Anyone reading this, dont think about going anywhere else for your motorcycling needs, if you feel half as satisfied as me you'd know that no other company would be able to offer you a better experience or the commitment to making sure all MOD's (tests) get passed, thanks to these guys i aced every part :) Thanks again guys, peace out. Oli.
Oli Kruc
January 2013
Simon is an amazing teacher. Really calm and attentive. He encourages to be confident in what your doing, then will have a chat about it saying the things that can be improved. Easily the best trainers there is :) Thank you Simon!!!
Jay Kapadia
January 2013
Really pleased with my experience. The trainer accommodated me with flexible times (which was important for me as it's very hard to get time off work), and as I didn't 'fit' easily into one of the predetermined courses the other companies run, it was great to have more options available. The training was useful and overall, it was a very successful experience. Great, thanks.
Andrew Leslie
Thanks so much!
January 2013
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