All our courses are a maximum of 2:1 student to instructor ratio.
All bikes are maintained to the highest standards and are replaced every two years.

Theory Test

All customers will now need to have taken and passed their motorcycle theory test prior to doing their full bike test ( NOT their CBT)
Theory tests are pre-booked by us and are included in the course price were applicable. Theory tests available at the Milton Keynes, Northampton or Oxford theory test centre. If you wish to arrange your own theory test then phone 0300 200 11 22 or book on line at here
Customers attending for their theory test will need their driving licence and proof of ID (e.g. passport). If you have a new photo licence then that will suffice as proof of ID. 
Customers should arrive at the theory test centre at least 15 minutes prior to their test time.
You will need to answer 44 out of 50 questions correctly to pass the first part of the test.
READ THE QUESTION AT LEAST 3 TIMES PRIOR TO ANSWERING. The wording on some questions is ambiguous!
The second part of the test is the HAZARD PERCEPTION test, this is 15 short videos each worth 5 points. When you see a hazard you will need to click the mouse button. The earlier you see the hazard the more points you score. Each clip is worth 5 points giving a total possible score of 75. You must score at least 44 points to pass this part of the test.
When you have finished you will be given a result straight away and if you have passed  you will be issued with a certificate.
Reference material for the theory test:

The best way to prepare for your theory is to download the official DVSA theory test app from the iTunes app store for IOS devices and android store for othe devices.

You can alos dowload the official HIGHWAY CODE as well!!

> Loads of online information and mock tests - just google hazard perception test
> In Focus - CD ROM or DVD for theory test and hazard perception test
> The official Theory Test manual for Motorcyclists by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency)
> The Highway Code
> Know your traffic signs